Waistbands, cuffs and neckbands - make your garments even more appealing.

The bands on a garment can change to look of your finished jumper or cardigan quite significantly. Have you ever looked at a classic jumper and felt it looks a bit old-fashioned with its tight rib in the waistband and run-of-the-mill cuff and neck?

Not that there is anything wrong with a good classic garment they have stood the test of time and are the mainstay of many wardrobes.

Below are some hints to change the bands of a garment if you would like to try something different.

Waistband and cuffs.

For the waistband and cuffs you can can use any of the following stitches;

  • Garter
  • Moss
  • Double rib
  • Hemmed
  • Rolled (knitted in stocking stitch from the beginning),
  • Fancy ribs – like Cable, Fishermans or Brioche rib etc.

All of these options will give you a looser edge with a straighter silhouette. You can use a smaller needle (as often stated in a pattern) or you can use the same size needle at the body of the garment which will give an even softer edge. Except for the actual rolled edge none of the other stitches suggested will roll if sufficient rows are knitted before beginning the body of the garment.


The neckband needs a little more consideration. Neckband can still be knitted in the original rib of the pattern (it doesn’t have to match the other bands). Rolled bands can be cute on the neckline but some of the other stitches will be a little loose. Knitting with a smaller needle will help keep the shape. If you really want to use something like garter or moss stitch I would suggest reducing the number of stitches by around 5 to 8%, keeping in mind to cast off loosely to allow the neck to go over your head.

So please don’t be afraid to change bands around, think about what you would like and go for it. Create the garment you find appealing.

Here are some examples of different bands

It is ok to change the bands around to what you would like for your garments. Think about how you like it to fit and how you wear your clothing.

Jumper or Cardigan.

This garment has garter stitch neck and waist bands with hemmed cuff bands


A good example of how the band can change the look, options are for a ribbed or rolled neckband

Vest & Hat

The hem of the vest is ribbed and the armhole, neck and beanie edge are reverse stocking stitch

Ladies Jumper

This jumper has garter stitch bands (could easily be moss st) and has an option for a round neck in double rib.

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