Here are four of my favourite knitting and crochet tips.

Experience and practice teaches up many things to do with our favourite craft. Some of our tips can be picked up from other crafters, magazines or other media and sometimes we just figure out for ourselves a better way of doing something. Here are four of my favourite tips:

1. The last cast off stitch is a bit loose and sticks up.

When knitting into the last stitch of the row knit into the stitch on the row below as well (like you would for Fishermans rib), cast off the last stitch and draw yarn through as normal. Tightens up this last stitch and makes it much neater.

2. Daunted by a large number of cast on stitches or crochet chains.

Place a stitch marker at regular intervals (use a locking stitch marker for crochet chain). I usually use markers every 20 stitches. That way you can keep track of the number of stitches in each section then add them up for the total number of stitches you need. Remove all markers when working the first row.

3. Increasing or decreasing on alternate rows when working in the round.

Use two stitch markers of contrasting colours that you can join together, maybe one red one and one another colour. Use the marker at the beginning of the round, red could be for the round that require shaping, and each time you complete the round alternate the colour marker on the needle. For crochet make sure they are both locking markers to be used through the first stitch.

4. Cable needle slips out or gets lost.

“U” shaped cable needles are the best invention ever, the stitches stay in place in the hook part ready to be knitted off, no more dropped stitches. When not actually using the cable needle I hook it through the work so it close at hand ready for the next cable.

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